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Country Music Hall of Fame




The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum preserves the traditions and history of country music and educates its audiences.
Nowadays functioning as a history museum and as an (international) arts organization, the CMF, serves visiting and non-visiting audiences including students, fans, scholars, members of the music industry, and of course the general public.

The building's exterior is laced with symbolic images of country music. The most obvious are the windows that mirror the configuration of piano keys. It includes also the image of the diamond-shaped radio mast, which is a miniaturized replica of the WSM tower located a few miles south of Nashville. The round disc's surrounding the tower symbolize the different size records and CD's used to record country music.
The northwest corner of the building looks like the tail fin of a 1950s Cadillac. The Country Music Hall of Fame was designed by local architecture firm Tuck Hinton Architects and museum design firm Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

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